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 Virtual File SystemThe Virtual File System (VFS) is an abstraction layer that allows the kernel to interact with different filesystems in a uniform way
 Directory EntryDirectory entry
 Memory ManagementMemory management functions and structures
 PagingA platform-independent interface to map/unmap virtual memory to physical memory
 Physical Memory ManagerAllocate/free the physical memory, in the form of physical frames
 Process and thread management
 kernel.tasks.signalSignal handling
 MOS LibrariesA platform-independent library of useful data structures and functions
 libs.HashMapA simple hashmap
 libs.HashMap.CommonCommon hash and comparison functions for hashmaps
 libs.LinkedListA circular, doubly-linked list
 libs.RingBufferA ring buffer
 libs.DownStackA stack that grows down
 libs.AnsiColorsANSI color codes
 libs.StdioStandard input/output functions
 libs.StdlibSome standard library functions
 libs.StringString manipulation functions, similar to the ones in the C standard library